Building a Bond

We recently heard from our friends at the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage about the incredible rescue of a baby white rhino calf.

"Makhosi", a very tiny two-day-old white rhino calf, was  admitted 48-hours ago in a wonderful rescue, and is improving by the hour (and has a special companion).

A call resulted in emergency kits being grabbed and observing the calf and mom carefully. Dr. Toft realised that the calf was so tiny and weak that it could not reach the mothers teat. So weak it wouldn't survive the night (Mom is OK and still in the wild).

Sadly the calf wasn't settling so folks at Thula Thula took a chance and dropped the barrier between the baby rhino and baby hippo - instant bond and Makhosi settled. In a very short time the rhino and hippo calf have become inseparable, providing comfort to each other.

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